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Supporting creative businesses to get clear on their direction and set ambitious goals, so they can become more focussed, productive and fulfilled.

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finding what works for you

Understanding you and your small business

I don’t believe there’s a blueprint for success or secret recipe to running a small business. Everyone is different, so what works for one won’t always work for another.

I blend coaching skills with my small business expertise, creative ideas and productivity tools, so you know you are in safe, encouraging hands.

Each session is tailored to what you need, so you will come away with a clearer vision of how to run your small business in the best way that serves you.

Solving small business challenges

Here are some of the challenges that you might like to discuss in your coaching sessions:

Struggling with overwhelm
Lost sense of direction
Spinning too many plates
Endless lists, zero focus
Planning a new product launch
Planning a new service launch
Want to streamline processes
Navigating a business pivot
Working collaboratively

Ways I might work with you to understand you and your small business

Understand you

It's so important to understand the human behind each small business and what balance you want in your life.

Review your goals

Let's ask where you'd like to be in 6 months to 6 years. What's stopping you and what's realistic to achieve?

Spot opportunities

We'll unpick what could change, what could grow and equally, what do you need to let go of or delegate.

Build a roadmap

Building a picture and understanding why is a really powerful exercise to helping your small business strategy succeed.

Create clear actions

You won't get very far with just the big ideas - we'll create clear actions with deadlines and goal posts that fit for you.

Set accountabilities

You're more likely to reach those goals with accountability prompts along the way and I'm here to keep you on track.

Long term support

Coaching packages

If you’d like to work together and make the most of my guidance and expertise, I offer longer term coaching and mentoring packages as well as one-off coaching sessions.

Improving you & your business

Strategy sessions that nurture you and your small business

Find your focus

You'll find greater focus, determination and drive when you have a clear action plan. It's easier to prioritise and know what to do next.

Boost productivity

With a clear plan, you'll know where's best to invest your time, so you'll find your productivity and time management will improve.

Sense of purpose

When you reconnect with why you're doing what you're doing, you're more likely to relight that internal fire & run a more fulfilling business.

my values

Authentic & Honest

Honesty is one of my personal core values and it filters through to my work, in the most authentic and kind way.

Ambitious & Practical

Aiming high, making an impact and creating some powerful, positive change - always grounded in a clear and practical action plan.

Caring & Collaborative

You are the expert of your small business, but another perspective always helps. We'll build trust with my dedicated, collaborative approach.
Time to focus

Let's create a more productive small business

Since launching my own small business, over the last 8 years I’ve discovered so many other small business owners struggling to balance work, family and life.

It’s easy to lose sight of your purpose and drive when you’re so deep in business, getting lost in the thick of admin and just ticking things over.

I would love to help you rediscover the heart of your own small business. We’ll clear the overwhelming list and create a clear action plan that’s ambitious yet methodical and works exactly right for you.

Working with Jodie

A proactive problem solver who loves to help small businesses

Since graduating from university I’ve gathered over 12 years experience working in corporate, charity and small businesses. 

My roles have spanned marketing, project management and business development and I launched my own small business, Sunshine for Breakfast in 2015.

I love helping others, so I’m sharing my collective knowledge and experience to empower others with the lessons I have learned. 

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Coaching packages

Let me help you find your way

I want to help you to illuminate your path, shine a light on your challenges and get you glowing in life and business again.

I offer one-off coaching sessions and also 3 longer term coaching packages to help you get on track, working together for a period of time that suits you. 

The One-Off

60 minute session to focus on your business. We'll solve a current challenge (or 2) and create a clear action plan.

Warm up questionnaire
Agenda & session plan
60 minute session
Follow up notes & action plan
Access to resources & templates

6 weeks Coaching

When you're on a mission, you want to shake things up and get the proverbial done. 6 weeks, 6 calls, let's go.

Warm up questionnaire
6 x 50 minutes coaching call
Weekly sessions for 6 weeks
Weekly support emails
Access to resources & templates

3 months Coaching

6 fortnightly calls - the same benefits as the 6 week package, with a little more space for you to find your path.

Warm up questionnaire
6 x 50 minutes coaching call
Fortnightly sessions over 12 weeks
Fortnightly support emails
Access to resources & templates

6 months Coaching

When life feels full and you want a touch point to keep you on track for the long game - 6 calls over 6 months.

Warm up questionnaire
6 x 50 minutes coaching call
1 call per month for 6 months
Monthly support emails
Access to resources & templates
Want to chat first?

Book a free 30 minute call

If you’d prefer to have a quick chat before committing to the 6 week or 3 month packages, that’s totally ok. 
You’re very welcome to book a free, no-obligation call to run through things first.


Accountability Calls

If you want to really keep yourself on track with the next steps in your small business, book in for a follow up accountability call where I’ll keep you on your toes and we can set additional targets and review your next challenges and opportunities.

  • 20 mins check in £55

    Additional 20 minute check in, to keep you on top of your goals and on track with your action plan.

  • 45 minute update £95

    Review your action plan, share your successes and challenges, build a plan for the next steps in your small business.

  • Recurring packages available

    Discounted packages available if you'd like to book a series of recurring calls to see you through a longer term goal.

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Previous clients

Lovely people I've worked with

I’ve enjoyed working with these small businesses to work through their business strategy and productivity challenges.

Let's begin

I'd love to help your small business

Consultation FAQs

More information about small business coaching

Hopefully you’ll find the answer to your question here, but if I’ve missed anything and you have a burning question, please pop me an email: [email protected]

Yes, of course. If your consultation is held via an online video call, I can record the session for you and share a video recording and transcript shortly after the consultation has finished.

Yes, absolutely. I appreciate the balance of finances in small business life, so I’m more than happy to discuss payment plans for support packages.

Small business support packages are totally bespoke, so whether you think you need 2 days work or 6 months long term support, I’m happy to discuss how your tailored package might look. Generally I take on support packages from a minimum of 2 days work.

In advance of our consultation I’ll send you a questionnaire to gather key details about your business. This means I can prepare for our call and we can spend more time within the consultation getting into the nitty gritty.

I’ll send you an agenda before the call, so you’ll have a picture of what shape the consultation will take and you can feedback if you think there’s anything you’d prefer to prioritise.

Each call will be bespoke to the client and their challenges, so there isn’t a set framework – it’s totally tailored to your needs and we’ll pack in as much as possible in the 90 minutes.

Whilst I’m flexible with hosting consultations and meetings online via video calls, I’d absolutely welcome a meeting in person. I’m based in Bristol and happy to meet around the city centre, though would consider travelling to local areas.

If you live further afield and would really love a meeting in person, please get in touch and I’d be happy to discuss some options.

I work with micro and small businesses, which might include freelancers, sole traders or individuals who run their own business solo. I also work with businesses who have small teams of people or freelancers who support them.

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